Yash Enterprises - Range of Products

Yash Enterprises uses cutting edge technology supply complete range of PVC Compounds. The process and equipment allow the incorporation of very high levels of Nitrile Compounds.

» Extrusion Grade Injection Moulding Grade.
» Wire & Cable Grade & Rubber Compounds.
» Coating Compounds for CHAIN LINKED FABRICS .
» Coating compound for GABBION BOX.

With the combination of advance technology, high-tech quality control equipment and experience, YASH ENTERPRISES supply complete ranges of PVC COMPOUNDS that include: Extrusion Grade Injection Moulding Grade, Wire & Cable Grade & Rubber Compounds. YASH ENTERPRISES also formulates specialized PVC and PVC Nitrile Compounds.

Specialised PVC designed for specific end use applications are also available. Additionally, together with raw materials suppliers and customers, our Research and Development is constantly developing technically advanced and yet more economical solutions which will meet future demands, the main focus in this context being on additives.

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