Yash Enterprises - Colored PVC

Yash Enterprises have a huge range of colour masterbatches, with its colour database comprising over 50 colours. Yash Enterprises is recognized by its customers as one of the leading lights when it comes to product safety and stringent regulatory requirements. Be it food products, cosmetics or medical devices, we have the expertise to custom formulate products that conform to the most stringent regulations.

Extreme care is taken to ensure integrity of products meant for these applications. A dedicated plant and team of engineers works to ensure that any ingredient that may cause free radical formation or alter the smell or taste of the final product is eliminated from the formulations.

We employ state of the art equipment to develop polymer specific masterbatches, leading to a very precise colour match of our product with your required colour. Moreover, Masterbatches of any specific colour or characteristics can always be custom produced to meet your specific needs. We have a varied range of coloured granules in Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Violet, Grey, Khaki and Brown Hues.

Black Masterbatches
We have a versatile range of black masterbatches based upon furnace blacks with a particle size of 30 to 60 microns. Our products provide economical colouring & improve the U.V. stability & weathering properties in polyolofin applications. We offer a wide range of economy series to special blacks covering applications like ducts & water pipes, rotomoulding, films down to 20 microns, injection mouldings & compounding. The carbon loading percentage ranges from 25% to 50% and has good dispersion in the polymer base. For maximum U.V. protection, the final product should contain 2.5% of carbon black and accordingly, the let down ratio depending on the percentage of carbon black.

White Masterbatches
White masterbatches are the concentrates of titanium dioxide (TIO2) in a polymer carrier. They have perfect dispersion and optimized flow properties resulting to maximum hiding power and easy processing. TIO2 used is RUTILE COATED type, which ensures high opacity, colouring strength, dispersibility and excellent U.V. stability. Certain types contain as filler in form of a fine calcium carbonate that provides economy as well as technical benefits in many applications, especially in injection & blow mouldings. For relatively thick films (40-200 microns), the most suitable masterbatches contain 40-60% of TIO2. For thin films, masterbatches with high content of TIO2 and having the best possible dispersion are preferable.

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